A-Z of Fishing

  1. Abbey & Imbrie - Reel manufacturers
  2. ABU- Reel manufacturers

Action - Used to describe the flexibility of a fly rod
Allcocks of Redditch- Reel manufacturers
Angler - One who fishes with a rod and reel
Arbor - The center of a fly reel's spool

  1. Arex - Reel manufacturers

Backing - Attached to the fly reel before the fly line.
Back-cast - The part of the cast when both the rod and line are behind the person casting.
Bait-clip - A clip that holds the baited hook during the cast.
Bait fish - Any fish that is of primary prey to a larger fish
Bait horn - used for carrying maggots.
Bail arm - Part of a fixed-spool ree that guides the line on the spool.
Barb - A aharp point on a hook to stop a fishing coming of the hook.
Big Game Rods - Heavy duty rods made from practically indistructable material, used for marlin, shark, conga eel etc.
Blood knot - The most common knot for joining lines to the hook, flies and lures, also used to connect two lines.
Bobbin - Used to hold the spool of thread as the fly is tied.
Bobkin - Used to apply head cement to the finished fly, tease fur or dubbing on nymphs.
Boom - A boom is used to spread the trace out from th e main fishing line.I prevents tangling and spreads the bait.
Braid - Low diameter, low stretch fishing line, made by braiding together several strands of man made fibre.
Breaking strain - The quantity of dead weight it needs to break a line usually stated in pounds(lb) or kilograms(kg)
Bridge snake ring - This ring helped keep the line from rubbing against the varnished cane during a cast.
Bronson- Reel manufacturers
Bucktail - A type of streamer that is tied with the hair from a birds's tail. Bucktail patterns are used to imitate bait fish.
Butt pad - A pad that protects the holder from the butt of the rod whilst fighting fish.


Caddis fly - An aquatic insect that goes through complex metamorphosis. They are great food for trout and other species.
Cast - To send a bait, lure or imitation fly out onto the water by using a rod and reel.
Casting arc - The path that a fly rod takes during the cast.
Catch and release - The action of releasing a fish after it has been caught.
Channel - A recession in a river, lake or tidal area, Channels are usually formed by the main current of water.
Char - An excellent gamefish that is a cousin of the trout family.
Chum - Bait that is chopped up and thrown in the water to attract fish.
Clutch - The drag system on a reel.
Creel - A wicker basket to keep tackle and fish.
Crimps - are used to secure mono line or wire that cannot be tied.
Current - The natural flow of water in a river or sea.


Daiwa- Started in 1955 and grown into one of the worlds largest fishing tackle producers.
Dam Quick - Reel manufacturers
Damselfy - It appears the same as the dragonfly, they are aquatic insects found in ponds and lakes. they are an important food for many species of fish.
Dapping - A very little used fishing trchnique, it's a method to eliminate drag and present the fly to fish that stay close to the bank of a river.
Double haul - Fishing technique that is used to increase the line speed.
Downrigger - Device fitted to a boat that uses a cable and a heavy weight to troll baits and lines at a set depth.
Drag - A device inside the reel that puts pressure on the fly-line, can also mean when your line moves in an unusual way.
Dragonfly - A large predatory aquatic insect that usually matues in ponds and lakes.
Dressing - The materials used to tie a fly.
Dry fly- An artificial fly tied to float on the surface of the water.
Drogue - Device dragged behind a boat to reduce speed.
Dun - A stage of life in a mayfly's lifecycle.


Ebb tide - -The outgoing or falling tide

Eddy - A section of moving water usually moving around an object under the water.
End plus - The end of a fly rod has a metal cap that is called a end plug or butt cap.


False cast - Cast the line back and forth to dry the line, helps to feed the line out for distance and accuracy.
Ferrules - The connections between multi-piece rod pieces.
Fishing Line- Line used to present bait using flies, weights, split shot etc
Fishfinders/sonar- Electronic devise to detect fish or objects under the water.
Fixed spool reels- Reel with a static spool.
Floatant - A paste or powder applied to the fly, fly line or leader, to increase its buoyancy.
Flasher board - A colored or reflective strip in front of the bait or lure to simulate additional movement.
Flat - A shallow part of water often linked with saltwater, usually great fishing.
Flood tide - The incoming or rising tide.
Forward cast - The part of the cast when the line is in front of the angler.
Fly - An artificial bait tied to a hook made from natural and synthetic material, to imitate insects, fish, animals etc.
Fly boxes - Used to store your flies, to keep them dry and protect the delicate ones.
Floats - A float is a bouyant devise that is used to suspend a bait at a specific depth.
Four Brothers - Reel manufacturers
Fry - A fish in the early stages of development.


Gaff - A long pole with a hook used to land fish, more often used from a boat at sea.
Garcia Mitchell- Reel manufacturers
Grilse - Young Atlantic salmon that has returned to the river from the sea to spawn for the first time.
Guides - The wire loops on a fly rod that directs the line to the tip.
Gully - Small channel that has been formed by moving water.


Hardy Brothers- Reel manufacturers
Hardy Brothers - Rod manufacturers
Hackle - Parts of a rooster or chicken used as material to tie a fly.
Hackle pliers - Used to help wrap the hackle around the shank of a hook.
Haul - a casting technique used to get more power on the fly line.
Heddon - Reel manufacturers
Hendryx- Reel manufacturers started in the 1870s
  1. Higgins, J.C. - Reel manufacturers
  2. Hooklength - Line attached to the hook, also known as a leader. A hooklength and hook combined form a trace.
Hook shank - The top of the long srction of a hook.
  1. Horrocks-Ibbotson- Reel manufacturersfrom the 1800s based at Utica, New York


Ice Fishing - is the practice of catching fish through ice that involves specialist fishing tackle.
IGFA - International game fish federation, the headquarters is in Florida USA, and sets standards for fishing tackle and keeps a list of record fish.
Inshore fishing - Fishing in saltwater that is close to shore.


Jig - A fishing lure that is jerked to attract the fish.

Jigging - The sparodic movement of the rod to to imitate natural movement of a fly or lure.
Jerkbait - A large lure made from both hard and soft materials
Jetty - Man made structure designed to fight agianst erosion on beaches and to prevent channels from filling up.
Johnson - Reel manufacturers


Keep net - Net used to keep fish alive to be returned after the end of the fishing session.
Kelt - A salmon or steelhead that has spawned recently, for this reason will not be in good condition.
Knots - To tie flies you need knots, knots hold the materials to the hook. Types of knots are Arbor,barrel,clinch just to name a few.


Landing net - Net with a long handle to retrieve the fish once brought to the bank.

Langley - Reel manufacturers
Leader - The tapered link between the fly and the fly line.
Ledger - To fish on the bottom.
Leech - Am aquatic worm or tied to imitate one.
Lever drag - A type of drag system on a reel, adjusted by a lever on the side of the reel.
Line - Fishing line.
Line drier - A divise used to strip the reel of line and then dry the line before replacing.
Lug worm - Great bait for cod and bass, easily dug at low tide and can be easily spotted by the worm cast on the surface of the sand or mud.
Lures- Artificial devise to imitate insects, small fish, animals to attract fish.
Mainline - The main fishing line on the fishing reel.
Mallock P.D. - In 1884 patented the sidecaster or spinning reel.
Marabou - A fuzzy feather used for fly tying.
Martin - Reel manufacturers
Mayflies - A species of aquatic insect that provides food for a variety of fish, mayflies have upright wings in the shape of a sail.
Meisselbach - Reel manufacturers
Mending - A technique used to reduce or avoid fly drag.
  1. Midge - A tiny aquatic insect that thrives in just about all aquatic environments, provide a great source of food for fish.
Milt The secretion of a fish for reproduction.
MITCHELL- Reel manufacturers
Monofilament - A nylon line used in fly leaders.
Montague - Reel manufacturers
Multiplier reel - A reel with a revolving spool, which multiplies leverage on the line as it's winched in.


Neap tide - The tide with the least difference or movement, between the high and low water, happens during the first and last quarter of the moon.

Nesting - When a fish remains with its eggs fpr a peiod of time after spawning.
Nymph - An aquatic insect during its immature stage of development while underneath the surface of the water.


Ocean City - Reel manufacturers

Offshore fishing - Fishing from a boat out to sea a distance away from the land.
Orvis - Fishing reel and rod manufacturers and assorted fishing tackle.
Outrigger - A pole that extends out from a boat to enable several lines to be fished, without tangling.


Penn- Reel and other fishing tackle manufacturers
Pennell - Reel manufacturers
Pflueger - Reel manufacturers
Playing - Fighting the fish to tire the fish so that it can be landed.
Plug - A fishing lure desined to be cast.
Point fly - The final fly in a group of flies furthest away from the main fly line.
Pole fishing - specialised method that utilises a rod or pole without a reel.
Popper - A surface lure with a concave face that splashes water when retrieved.
Portage - Reel manufacturers
Priests - used to be made of stag horn, aluminium and mahogany. Each had a lead weight in the head and they were used to dminister the last rites to the captured fish.
Pumping - A technique used when fighting a heavy large fish.
Pupa - The immature stage of development for an aquatic insect.


Quill Float - Long float made from peacock feathers, used to be porcupine needles until banned, used for trotting on the river or floating baits for carp


Reel - The instrument attached to thr handle of a rod that is used to collect and cast the line.
Reel seat - for attaching the reel to the rod, this could be done with a secure slot and a screw ring, or by two sliding rings.
Rex Balance - used by the angler to weight their catch.
Riffle - A quick running ,shallow choppy part of a stream or river.
Rig - The end geat or terminal tackle.
Rise -The fishing breaking the surface of the water to take an insect.
Rod - The instrument used to cast the bait, many types, fly rods, casting rods, spinning rods, boat rods etc.
Rod bite alarm - devise to alert the angler of a fish bite, used usually when the angler might have to take his attention away from the rod.
Rod rest - Pole that can be driven into the ground, with a fork at one end to rst the rod, can have several forks so you can fish with numerous rods at one time.
Run - The hooked fish making a dash away from the angler, could also mean a stretch of water.
Running line - The thin part of a fly line made to thread easily through the guides of a rod.


Salter spring balance - used by anglers to weigh their catch.
Setting a hook - Striking the hook and setting into the fish's mouth.
Sink Tip - A fly line designed so the tip sinks underneath the surface of the water while the remainder of the line floats.
Shakespeare - Reel manufacturers.
Shimano- Not only fishing tackle manufactures, but also deal in bikes and snowboarding.
Sinking fly line - Fly line made from material that sinks below the water surface.
Sink-tip - A floating fly line that has a sinking part at the end, varying in length.
Skiff - A small boat used in shallow water.
Slack tide - The short period between the ebb and flood tides when the current is at its weakest.
Smolt - A young salmon that is ready to migrate.
Snag - Rocky or uneven bed that can snare your hook and line.
Snake ring - Made from wire these simple rings guided a weighted fly line from the reel during the cast.

South bend - Reel manufacturers

Spawn - The mating of fish.
Spin - Fish with spinners or lures.
Spinner - The reproduction stage of a mayfly.
Spinner (lure) - a lure usually metallic in the shape of a fish and shiny to attract fish, used with a spinning rod and fast retrieval reel.
Spinning rods- Rod designed to specifically assist with the spinning lur motion.
Split shot - Round balls of metal attached to a leader to weight the line below the surface of the water.
Spool - The reel part that the line is wound round and stored.
Spoons - Highly reflective metallic lure.
Spring tide - Tide with the largest difference between the high and low level water.Happens around the time of the new and full moon.
Steelhead - A salmon that is born in freshwater streams and migrates to the sea or large lake, then comes back to spawn.
Streamer - A fly pattern used to imitate a bait fish.
Stripping - To retrieve fly line by using hands to pull the line in.
Stripping basket - A perforated basket attached around the angler's waist to store the excess fly line produced when stripping, before winding it back onto the reel.
Strike - When a fisherman attempts to set the hook into a fish.
Sunglasses - polarized - A must to protect youeyes and see those fish.
Swim - Part of the river or lake fished by the angler.
Swimfeeders - Swimfeeder is an easy way of getting the feed near the fish. A swimfeeder is a weighted frame around which you pack the groundbait into a solid ball, and then fished in-line.
Swivel - They can be three way, barrel or a stronger ball-bearing type. Swivels join lines that do not pass through the rod rings.


Tackle box - the container that houses all your tackle to be transported to the fishing venue
Tag/Tag end - The short part of redundant line that has been trimmed down after a knot has been tied.
Tailwater - The moving water below a dam.
Taper - The part of the fly line that gradually decreases in diameter to the hook.
Tapered leader - Leader that tapers from the thicker to the thinner line, the thinner end is attached to the fly or lure.
Tide - the movement of the oceans caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun
Terminal tackle - Also the end gear which is such items as the hook, weights, swivels that are attached to the end of the line.
Tippet - The end part of a leader that attaches to the fly.
Trace - Part of the set up made up of the line and hook attached together.
troll - Pull lures or bait behind a moving boat.


Ultra-light rods- Rods used to fish for smaller species of fish, very reactive.


Vise - Used for fly tying, the hook is gripped in the vise and then the fly is built up.
Vom Hofe(Edward)- Reel Manufacturer


Waders - Waterproof boots worn to keep the angler dry, can be chest high, or waist high.
Wading staff - A long pole used to remain balance in moving water.
Weed guard - A piece of monofilament tied to a hook to help prevent it from getting caught in weeds.
Wet fly- A fly pattern that is used to imitate creatures below the surface of the water.
WF or weight forward line - Fly line that has most of the weight in the forward part, so making it easier to cast.
Wheatley - Famous for the wheatley fly boxes.

Winchester - Reel manufacturers



Yellow perch - Attractive fish with about six vertical dark green stripes over a lighter green side. The bottom is white and they have two orange ventral fins.
Young J.W. - Reel manufacturers


Zebco - Reel manufacturers

Zonker - Streamer fly pattern to look like a monnow or shiner.