Fishing Reel Manufacturers

  1. Abu garcia - Abu garcia was founded in Svangsta Sweden, on the banks of the Morrum river in 1921
  1. Bronson-Coxe Co., Bronson, Michigan -
    The Bronson Reel Company was formed in June 1922 by E. J. McMahon, who previously worked for the Shakespeare Company. Just before World War II they had 135 different reels in their catalogue, prices ranged from 25 cents to $750 for the biggest J.A. Coxe Salt Water reel. In the 1940s and 50s Bronson was the largest reel producer in the World and had over 62 patents for reels.The Company was sold in the 1970s, and soon after closed.
Coxe, Joseph A., Los Angeles, California - Coxe made excellent hand made big game reels in his California workshop, also had links to the Bronson Reel Co that mass produced reels.

  1. Colgrove Tackle Co. Vancouver, Washington. Made a rare and unique pop-up sidecast reel manufactured around the 1950s.
  2. Daiwa - Daiwa started production in 1955. it has since grown into one of the largest and most influential tackle companies in the world.
  3. Enterprise manufacturing Co. They are famous for making the Pflueger, Four Brothers, Portage range of fishing tackle.
  4. Fin-Nor, Miami, Florida - Founded 1930'S OUT OF from Miami's spawning fishing market, creating 381 world big game fishing records, famously for the largest marlin and swordfish caught on a rod and reel. The reels are unsurpassed for high quality and durabilty, they are expensive but arguably the best.
  5. GYRATORY REEL CO. Unique reel patented and produced by Henry Crandall of Milwaukee, in the early 1900s.
  6. HENDRYX. Hendryx reels first appeared in 1887, they remained one of the largest producers of fishing reels and metal baits till October 1919, when sold to the Winchester Repeating Arms Co
  8. Hoesell Reel, Hallen Co., New York
  9. Leonard reels - Leonard created the click reel famous for its raised pillars and the protective rim along which the handle traversed, it was patented in 1877. These reels were possibly originally manufactured by Philbrook and E. F. Payne, then by Conroy, and finally by Julius vom Hofe. The Leonard fly reels were made from a variety of materials, mostly nickel silver and hard rubber. The bi-metal version is very rare and is hotly hunted by collectors, also the “Fairy” reel made to match the short Catskill fly rods.
  10. Lee's, Miami, Florida
  12. P D Malloch
  13. Mallochs was started in a small back room off High St. perth, and from small beginnings progressed to larger premises in Scott street. In 1884 Malloch was the second to patent a fixed spool casting reel in Britian and was the first to successfully market it.. The business continued until 1981 when it closed due to the recession at the time!!. The heaviest salmon - 64lbs ever caught in Britian was landed by Miss Ballantine in 1922 using a Malloch rod and reel
  14. Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company