Rapala Fishing lure
Probably the best known name for fishing lures, Rapala come in a huge variety, and you can get both vintage and modern, see below.

New Cell
1936 New Cell Original Floater
1964 New Cell Fish 'N Fillet Knife
1965 New Cell Countdown;Pilkki; Balanced Jigging; Saltwater Floater
1969 New Cell Magnum Floater, Magnum Sinking
1972 New Cell Deep Diver; Vertical Jigging
1974 New Cell Jointed Floater
1977 New Cell Fat Rap Deep Runner
1978 New Cell Shallow Fat Rap, Husky, Salmon Special
1979 New Cell Mini Fat Rap
1980 New Cell Jointed Sinking
1982 New Cell Shad Rap Deep Runner
1983 New Cell Shallow Shad Rap
1985 New Cell Sliver
1992 New Cell Rattlin' Fat Rap
1993 New Cell Minnow Spoon
1994 New Cell Super Shad Rap
1996 New Cell Husky Jerk
1997 New Cell Team Esko Rap; Risto Rap
1999 New Cell Skitter Pop
2000 New Cell Shad Rap RS; Stainless Steel Magnums; Down Deep HuskyJerk
2001 New Cell ProGuide Tool Series; Skitter Prop; Rapala Line, Tail Dancer
2002 New Cell Jointed Shad Rap; Long Cast Minnow; RapFlash Husky Jerk; Skitter Walk Saltwater; Rapala Rods; Rapala VMC Hooks
2003 New Cell Skitter Walk Freshwater; ProGuide Electric Fillet Knives; ProGuide Lock'nWeigh
2004 New Cell DT; Glass Shad; Glass Husky Jerk; Rapala Ice Series Rods; Rapala Reels
2005 New Cell X-Rap; Jigging Shad; Glass Fat Rap; Deep Tail Dancer